Tina Byland

Senior Manager, Digital and Social Media

Tina is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing organic and paid social media strategies for MindRocket clients, as well as managing content and strategies for MindRocket-owned social media profiles.

Tina’s expertise in education industry digital media includes her previous role as social media specialist at ASCD, whose award-winning accounts engaged hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide. She also has an extensive consulting background focused on social media management and digital public relations. With an M.Ed. in Education Policy from American University, four years of teaching experience in Maryland public schools, and more than 10 years of communications experience, she has developed a keen and targeted sense for of to reach educators in the digital sphere.

When she’s not thinking in hashtags and 280 characters, Tina spends her time with her husband, Alex, and their two boys, Max and Cole. They live in Traverse City, Michigan.

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