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Stephen Gilfus

Chairman of the Board

Stephen is an education visionary, serial entrepreneur, business leader, and noted software designer and inventor.

Gilfus launched a distinguished career as co-founder and inventor of DC based Blackboard Inc. a principal designer of the company’s business, operations, and enterprise platforms. He is known as a “father of modern day eLearning”, and one of the companies primary strategists, business, operations and technical leads. Blackboard was successfully sold it to Providence Equity Partners for $1.7 billion in 2011. He currently manages LinkedIn’s Blackboard Alumni network.

Gilfus founded the Gilfus Education Group in 2008, a boutiique consulting firm servicing Education Institutions, Education Industry Investors and the Education Companies that serves them.

Stephen is also an investor and advisor to several start-up ventures and mature companies across the technology spectrum. He is an Venture Partner in a number of Global Education funds and networks.

Current areas of interest include:
– International and Global Educatioand Training Strategies and Programs
– Meeting the workforce needs for Cybersecurity, Data Science, Technology, and STEAM
– The Coaching Cloud and the Expert Access Evolution
– Hands on Online Training, and Powering the Global Labor Workforce
– Code Academies and New Blueprints for Education
– The Upcoming Revolution in K-Career and Augmenting K-20 with Specialized Programs
– Community Networks with Purpose that Power Organizations
– “Live” Online Instruction and the use of scalable Collaborative Technologies

Selected areas of professional expertise include:
– Business Formation, Operations and Capital Structures
– Education and Training Consulting, Technology, Entrepreneurship
– Business Development and Growth, Internationalization
– IT & Technology Investor, Venture Capitalist, Start-ups

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