MindRocket Media Group, the comprehensive multi-channel communications, business strategy, and editorial firm, has engaged JRG Ventures, LLC, a multinational retained business development and corporate growth strategy firm, to aggressively pursue growth opportunities.

“Our vision is to lead a top-down, full-scale rebranding of the global education community,” said Dr. Rod Berger, President and CEO of MindRocket Media Group. “As the industry has struggled to establish a cohesive vision for engaging its diverse strategic audiences in meaningful conversation, relationship, and reform, many opportunities for expanded impact remain unrealized. We are driven to address these foundational needs of the education and edtech communities to help them better connect with the audiences who matter, create change that is significant and lasting, and claim their rightful role as core contributors to student and educator success and societal progress.”

MindRocket Media Group powers the conversation in the global education industry through thought leadership, communications, business strategy development, and the production of high-quality editorial content. MindRocket works with edtech and educational services companies, as well as publishers, authors, curriculum developers, and events ranging from early-stage startups to those with decade of experience serving the K-20 education market.

JRG Ventures is a retained growth partnering firm with experience backed by more than 20 years of creating client success stories. JRG’s global reach and executive access enable its diverse portfolio of clients―including high growth new ventures and multinational companies―to access actionable opportunities not readily available to the market.

“Education technology is an industry ripe for disruption and we believe MindRocket Media Group is a company with the right mentality, expertise, and spirit to lead the transformation,” said Keith Gregg, Principal Partner for JRG Ventures. “We’re excited to work with MindRocket on the exploration of compelling growth opportunities that will expand its impact throughout the global education marketplace and provide industry stakeholders with the opportunity to access previously out-of-reach successes.”

By engaging JRG, MindRocket is working to explore a wide array of potential growth opportunities in all facets of the education sector. With a collection of talented leaders whose experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry, the company is prepared to successfully expand into various high-leverage lines of business. MindRocket previously acquired American ED TV, the first television media company focused on American education, in the fall of 2017, as a step toward expanding its reach and content production capabilities.

About MindRocket Media Group
MindRocket Media Group is a multimedia, multi-channel production, communications, and editorial firm specializing in education industry thought leadership and strategy. MindRocket’s clients are education organizations and companies worldwide, seeking market exposure and influence through new media and high-fidelity assets. MindRocket also produces and distributes education news, event coverage, commentary and product review to third party media channels.

About JRG Ventures
JRG Ventures, LLC is a multinational retained business development and corporate growth strategy firm specializing in Life Sciences, Healthcare, Health Technology, EdTech, and novel disruptive technology environments.

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